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Soul Midwife work has been done for ages. In the past times supporting the dying people was just one of those every day things. Anyone could support a dying person by sitting alongside the death bed, bringing support for the person and peace for the upcoming transition. Nowadays death is a strange thing to us, we don't see death often and we don't like to talk about it. The dying people are usually in the hospital wards, far away from our sight. Before it was common for people to die at home and that way death was a part of every day life.

End of life care steps in when a person has an incurable disease, which leads to death and the illness is in such a state that the person can't be helped in any other way than painkillers. My end of life support is totally something else than medical support, because I am not a healthcare professional. I have gotten my training at the Soul Midwives' School in the UK, which tries to bring back the old tradition of end of life support from the soul support view. What does such work then mean: 


Soul Midwife work is based on old thoughts and customs how to sit at the death bed, connecting with the dying at a deep level and treating him as if he was the most important person in the world. Simply being present and without a hurry are the keys in this work. The support person works at three different levels with the dying person: 1) early stage, which means getting the diagnose, 2) 'active' death stage and 3) last hours alongside the dying person.

This kind of end of life care has made a difference in patients. They have been more calm during their last stage compared to them, who might be totally alone or the ones that get treated only for the necessary but without anyone sitting by their death bed. The advantage of a  Soul Midwife at a hospital ward is that such a person can concentrate totally on the dying person and his wishes and not be forced to think about other tasks at the ward. But one must remember that a Soul Midwife is not a medical professional but a support for the soul, when someones time is to leave this world. 

If you now have been diagnosed with an incurable disease or you have a loved one or a friend in such state and if you would find such support beneficial, please contact me so we can discuss more about how I could be as help.

Life and death go hand in hand, there is not the other without the other.