Helping animals cross-over

When it is our time to cross over to the other side, our animal friends are among the first to greet us and welcome us to the land of light. Our animal friends support us and teach us many things here on earth, this is why I myself want to help them as much as I can. One of the little things I can do for my beloved animal friends, is that I try to help them to the gate of the land of light, support them to take that step across the line, from where their path will lead on to the new world.

Helping animals cross over is meant to help the animal transition in such a way that he feels the situation safe and peaceful. This I do by the help of energy work and by supporting the animal's human companions, so they can from their own part support the one crossing over. In the actual transition moment I can be physically present if the family wants me to be there or I can do the work remotely, as I usually do.

The process for the work:

-about a week before the transition, we begin the support by going over the situation

-family tells the animal about the upcoming transition

-support can build up e.g. from a few remote Reiki sessions and one hands-on Reiki session, in which the animal gets a massage (horses/dogs) and an energy healing session. Amount of energy healing (remote/hands-on) is always agreed on every occasion.

-at the time of transition I am present at the spot or remotely through energies

-guidance and support for the family and also the inner circle of the animal (e.g. horse's heard, other animals in the family). Inner circle members are always treated in the remote healing but the family must also tell them about the transition themselves.

-after the transition we can do a memorial service or meditation with the family if needed.

The transition of an animal friend is always a hard and difficult moment and the thought of a stranger present can seem very odd.That's why it is good to remember that all of my support can be done remotely, so the family can be at their peace but still the animal gets the support for himself through energies.

So if you are now in the middle of or about to face a difficult task to depart from your beloved animal friend, you can email me and we can see how I could support you and your animal in this difficult time. For you personally you could also benefit from Reiki healing or my grief recovery courses after your animal friend has crossed-over.

*In the picture my dear Minarva is about to take her steps to the other side and I am saying goodbye to her on a beautiful day in the fall 2014 (picture Taru Holm)