Grief Recovery

If you feel that you are carrying unresolved grief inside of you, the Grief Recovery® -concept could be something for you.

In this concept grief can be worked on in groups or in one-to-one sessions.

The concept is founded by The Grief Recovery Institute® in the US, originally named the Grief Recovery Method® Group Program. The program is meant for anyone who has suffered a loss. A loss can be e.g. a death of a loved one, divorce or other ended relationship or it can be a loss of a pet. The concept does not follow any ideology, religion etc. The course lasts for 8 weeks, meetings are once a week (during working day) and every session lasts about 1,5-2 hours. A group is max 10 people.

Taking part in the course means commitment in the course and also commitment towards working on your own grief. The outcome is dependant pretty much on what you yourself put into the course. Every week you will get homework, that are mandatory to do in order to keep up with the course. Working in this group means mainly working in pairs or in a small group, so if you don't feel comfortable in a bigger group or being in front of a big group, this group format is also for you. One option is also the one-to-one sessions, if the small group doesn't sound as your thing either.

Working on your grief is work and it is a process. I can begin the process with you, guide you forward, but you will yourself have to do the work and you also have to be prepared for a longer time contribution to the matter.  There is no quick fix in getting 'rid of' the grief and I can't snap my fingers and make you feel better or heal you. But I can be there for you, support you and guide you on your journey. I can offer you a good tool to help you conclude your present grief and give you a tool which you can in the future use to help with your own personal grief work. We will build a bridge together over your hard times and build a path towards becoming whole again!


Please notice that this concept is not therapy and the groups are not therapy groups. The concept offers information about grief and gives you a tool for working on your grief. Note also that this group work is not compensated by Kela. If you have mental health related issues or you are under mental health medication, you cannot attend these groups. 

If you are interested in the groups or one-to-one sessions, please contact me by email kuunteleva.sydan(at)