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My services build up from two concepts; services for humans and services for animals.

Originally I started with energy healing for animals and equine massage. But the energy healing lead further on and as I did end-of-life healing for animals, I noticed that I had the will to help also the pet owners, the ones that were left behind to grieve.



This is why my concept builds up at the moment from



Responsibility is essential when delivering my services. This means I have certain policies regarding my own services but also regarding the customer. E.g. if you are under 18 years old or have mental problems, please do consult me before you reserve a treatment or enroll for a course.


Please do contact me for more info as the web pages are in Finnish. I can offer groups and services also in English if necessary. 

About me

I am Jutta and here for you and/or your animal. My soul path is to support humans and animals on their journey here by bringing balance for the mind and body and also hope, comfort and support for the last steps on their path. 


My background is a sum of many things; almost all my working career I have worked in different kinds of positions within the business world. But over 15 years ago my path lead a bit off the track and I found myself  on a new interesting journey. 


After my business degrees I have trained myself as an equine massage therapist (2008), Reiki healer for humans and animals (2008), spiritual healer for animals,  intuitive healer and also a Flower therapy healer. I am a Grief Recovery Specialist from the UK Grief Recovery Institute (2013) and finally in 2015 it was time to sum up all what I had learned during these many years; I trained to be a Soul Midwife in the Soul Midwives' School in the UK. This training gives you a certificate in being a support for the dying people, at the very end of their journey in this life. I think this was just a natural continuum to the work I have done for years with animals, as their support in crossing over when there time has come. My own self development studies and studies among shamanism have helped me find my true self, my path and my calling.

I think I will never stop learning and educating myself. There just simply is so much out there what you can learn. 


I have always had animals, at the moment I have a mix breed rescue dog and a young mare. 



"I have heard your call and I am here for you. You have traveled a long way, maybe through grief and sorrow or maybe even traveled down the stream of death - only to notice your time was not yet. My soul path leads me through this life and it crosses with many others - often

the ones who are lost and need guidance and support. My Creator has given me two ears and a compassionate heart and I use them to help others. I walk your path with you for a moment, supporting you with grief or an upcoming death. I help your soul with healing, guidance and support, as far as your soul needs me. If it is your time to leave this world, I will guide you to the other side, supporting your steps all the way to the golden line where we must part. There are many ways to support and heal, I have found my way in traditional ways - ways that are old as time."